Meet Aiden

Posted on October 14, 2012

Aiden underwent fetal surgery while his mother was still pregnant as a part of the MOMS trial study. His mother, Jamie Beers recognized early on that receiving the diagnosis was a terrifying and overwhelming moment in her life. Like most families they questioned “why us?” but they quickly understood that their family had the love and strength to support and nurture such a special spirited child.



Aiden was photographed as a part of our spina bifida awareness campaign in 2011 and is well remembered for the moments captured of him as he walked around with the support of his walker. Really, he runs around with it. He’s such a determined kid who surely keeps us smiling here in central Florida.



Aiden’s mother recollected the 1st Walk-N-Roll for Spina bifida in central Florida held in 2011 which happened to be a very rainy morning.


“The rain the day of the Walk-n-Roll was like raising a child with Spina Bifida. At times the wind and the rains are hard and you want to huddle together under a tent…other times it’s just a light drizzle and it’s certainly nothing that’s going to slow you down…but most of the time it’s like Florida bright and sunny! When we got the tent set up for the walk it poured but as the walk started the rain stopped and then slowly the sun came out!! We have been through many ups and downs with Aiden but the sun always, always comes back out and dries up all the rain!!”



It didnt’ matter that it was raining during the walk, Aiden was seen running around with his walker…all smiles.



The challenges Aiden faces due to spina bifida definitely don’t define him. He’s Jamie reminds us, “Children with spina bifida have a special light and resilience that could only come from above and they are here to share it with us!”


Aiden’s family recently relocated up north due to job opportunities and as we reached out to Jamie in hopes to feature Aiden as one of central Florida’s first little heroes, we reminded her that they’ll always seem like a part of our spina bifida family here in central Florida so we still wanted to feature him. Aiden, we’re sending you and your family lots of love…you’re one amazing kid!

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