Life’s a Dance

Posted on February 17, 2014

Today’s post is by SBACFL member and guest blogger, Nicole Small.  This is her fourth guest post.


Congratulations Mom & Dad, you have recently welcomed your new bundle of joy into this big wide world! You have been given the news that he/she has a birth defect called Spina Bifida. To most individuals this news may become as a shock.  I am here to tell you that everything will work out in due time. There are going to be tough roads ahead along with tough decisions you’ll have to make for your child some you may not agree with but those decisions that you make will shape your child into the bright individual that they will become later in life. I know right now nothing makes sense to you because everything is everything is snowballing out of control but have no fear things will calm down sooner rather than later. The key to keeping your head above water and staying calm for your child is to not only educate yourself about what your child is going through and what may follow for him or her what else is important is to lean on loved ones, when you are having a difficult day and I am sorry, there will be difficult days ahead they are the ones you need to turn to. Fortunately when you look back on the years you will notice that you had more good years than bad.  Sometimes you need to relinquish control of your life and let your son or daughters medical team take the reigns and guide you through this long winding road that is called life with a special needs child. Every parent wants to be that strong support system for their child and you can be at times but there’s other times where you need to just let go yourself and allow yourself to break down and once you’ve finished breaking down pick yourself up and dust yourself off and say to yourself “I can do this” because that’s true, you can do this. God gave you this child for a reason and that reason is because he knew you were capable of raising a beautiful strong human being regardless of their inability because the truth is none of us are 100% perfect we all have something wrong with us. No one expects you to learn about your child in one day it will take your whole life time so it’s okay if you make a few mistakes here and there you can always be the leader sometimes you have to learn to follow and God will put things into place for you at the right time you just need to sit back, relax because he’s always in control even when you don’t think that he is. Remember he placed you with son or daughter for a reason and that reason is because he knew before you even knew that you were strong enough to carry your child through a bright and successful life regardless of his or her circumstances.

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